Movie Crowd-wisdom Intelligence Strategy

The Future of Successful film production lies in finding ways to get the crowd involved in the production as early as possible !"  Nadine Escoffier Daily Bruin July 2010
                                                  BILL MCKELVEY                             NADINE ESCOFFIER          

It all started in 2006
when the founders got tired of seeing sequels and remakes but at the same time understood the
high risk of the Movie Business.

After reading an article about "Reducing the risks of New Product Development"*, Nadine Escoffier and Professor Bill McKelvey decided to start their crowd-wisdom research project pertaining to the Movie Industry. Now, they call it
 "Crowd-wisdom Strategy Investigation."

Crowd-wisdom is about the aggregation of information from audiences resulting in decisions that are often better than could have been made by any single member of an audience.

Their investigations and thousands of talented Movie Fans allow the Founders to conclude that with their "Crowd-wisdom Strategy", an original movie can be made more appealing with minimum risk.

*Susumu Ogawa and Frank Piller

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